4698 AR

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Age of Lost Omens
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4698 AR in conflicts

4698 AR in environment

  • A major earthquake rocks the Isle of Kortos resulting in numerous long-lasting effects on the city of Absalom. Large portions of the neighborhood of Beldrin's Bluff fall into the sea, and the section named the Puddles becomes permanently swamped.23

4698 AR in organizations

  • The earthquake in Absalom causes severe damage to many of the tunnels and chambers beneath the Pathfinder Society's Grand Lodge, damaging or destroying most of its early unpublished records.45
    • A terrible creature is released and kills several people before being hunted down.5
    • Parts of the Vaults collapse and would remain so for decades afterward.6

Deaths in 4698 AR

  • Carrius II, son and heir of Grand Prince Stavian III, is proclaimed to have died during a horse-riding accident. In truth, he (accidentally) died when he broke his neck after being pushed down a flight of stairs by his father.78



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