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My name is Alex Greenshields and I currently live in Portland, OR, although I spent the 15 years living in New York City. I was a regular GM in the Pathfinder Society NYC group, and started a similar group here in Oregon. I retired in March 2014 as the Venture-Captain for Portland, OR.

Current project

  • I am working on the ISWGII, the Inner Sea World Guide Inclusion Initiative. It's a huge project and there's always a lot to do (to say the least).
  • Editing: I have learned a lot about editing working on this wiki. With new stuff being added all the time, there's always more practice!

Waiting in the Wings

If you look at my Sandbox page, you'll see what projects I have put some time into, but which have not yet come to fruition.


I've written a few things for Paizo. You can take a look the list here.

Contact Me

I occasionally tweet under my personal account, @brandingopp, or via the official @PathfinderWiki account. I occasionally post on the Paizo boards under the name "Branding Opportunity". If you need to reach me directly you can leave a message on my Talk Page or via chat through Gliph Me.