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The Shackled Hut

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #68:
The Shackled Hut
The Shackled Hut.jpg
Author(s) Jim Groves
Publisher Paizo Publishing
Price Print: $22.99
PDF: $15.99
Released March 2013
Type Adventure/Accessory
Binding Paperback
Pages 96 pages
ISBN ISBN 978-1-60125-493-1
Rules set PFRPG
Series Pathfinder Adventure Path #68
Reign of Winter 2 of 6
Follows The Snows of Summer
Precedes Maiden, Mother, Crone
Artwork from The Shackled Hut
The Shackled Hut, an adventure by Jim Groves with supporting articles by Dale C. McCoy, Jr., Sean K Reynolds, and Russ Taylor and fiction by Kevin Andrew Murphy, was released in March 2013.

City of White Witches
The winter portal has closed, but the heroes now find themselves trapped in the frozen land of Irrisen with an urgent quest—to find Baba Yaga! In order to track down the missing Queen of Witches, the heroes must brave the monster-infested capital city of Whitethrone, where Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut has been captured and put on display. Will possession of the miraculous artifact lead them to the Witch Queen, or will they die a cold death at the hands of Irrisen’s White Witches?

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path continues the Reign of Winter Adventure Path and includes:


Foreword: "Izbushka, Izbushka" by Rob McCreary (4)

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1. "The Shackled Hut" by Jim Groves (6)

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"NPC Gallery" (54)
"Reign of Winter Treasures" (60)

2. "Milani" by Sean K Reynolds (64)

An overview of the minor goddess Milani, commonly worshiped by the underground Irrisen resistance group, the Heralds of Summer's Return.

3. "Ecology of the Winter Wolf" by Russ Taylor (70)

An overview of the habits and the history of the Winter wolf, specifically those within Irrisen.

4. "The Cocoa Pot" (The Bonedust Dolls 2 of 6) by Kevin Andrew Murphy (76)

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5. "Bestiary" by Dale C. McCoy, Jr., Jason Nelson, and Sean K Reynolds (82)

Adventure summary

Level  · 4th
Type  · Urban
Location(s)  · Irrisen · Whitethrone

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