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Sueda Lodge

Sueda Lodge forms a base of operations for the Pathfinder Society and other explorers in search of ancient Osirian artifacts, as well as a repository for information.[1]



The Lodge was established in 4659 AR by Pathfinder Letvis Morgan. The waystation takes its name from the Osirian word "sueda" which means "discovery".[1]


It is a low stone building containing six guest rooms, a kitchen, a pantry, a library, and a dining hall. A separate building serves as living quarters for the caretaker of the lodge, and the archives rest in an underground chamber accessible through a secret door in the main lodge. There is a small well in the courtyard and a wall of clay bricks surrounds the enclosure.[1]

Notable individuals

Var Pinderven
This dwarf serves as the current caretaker of Sueda Lodge.[1]


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