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Seventh Church

The Seventh Church is an important temple of Iomedae in the Ascendant Court district of Absalom, and the site of the seventh of Iomedae's 11 miraculous acts, the calling of the Undenying Light.[1] This miracle is commemorated by the temple itself and the Iomedaenne, a 10-foot statue of limestone and sapphire. [1] Although the goddess is popular in the city, and the Seventh Church trains most of her clerics here for three or four years, most of the priests at the church are young or elderly, since her most vital followers take up service elsewhere. Absalom is seen as a place of recruitment by the goddess's church, rather than a bulwark of faith in peril. [1] The high priest of the temple is the aged Genedair the Faithful.[1] Across the main street from the church is the Tempering Hall, which trains Paladins of Iomedae as well as Abadar, Irori, and Shelyn.[1]


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