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Hayato, Iconic Samurai
Region Often Tian Xia
Races Any
Iconic character Nakayama Hayato
Images of samurai

Source: Ultimate Combat, pg(s). 18

A samurai[1] is a warrior associated with honour, sworn service, and the art of war that is in many ways similar to a cavalier.[2] Samurai often originate from the continent of Tian Xia, where there are nations ruled by samurai: Jinin[3], Kaoling[4] and Shokuro.[5] The nation of Minkai is particularly associated with samurai.[6]

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All samurai pledge themselves to a single samurai order, usually the Order of the Warrior. Those samurai who abandon their lord or order are considered ronin.[7] Cruel samurai may follow the Order of the Black Daimyo.[8]

Philosophy and religion

The philosophy of the order of the warrior is called ichimeiyo.[9]

  • Fumeiyoshi, the Lord of Envy: patron of dishonoured and fallen samurai[10]
  • General Susumu, the Black Daimyo: patron of cruel samurai[10]
  • Shizuru, Empress of Heaven: patron of samurai, and often depicted herself as a samurai[11]
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