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Pathfinder Tales

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Pathfinder Tales is the comprehensive brand name for all official fiction set in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. As of 2011, Pathfinder Tales adventures come in three formats: novels, web fiction, and the Pathfinder's Journal series of serialized novellas in the pages of Pathfinder Adventure Path.



Pathfinder Tales novels debuted at Gen Con 2010 with the release of Dave Gross's Prince of Wolves. The line currently releases approximately four mass-market paperback novels each calendar year, both in traditionally bound format and digital formats including PDF and ePub. As with most Pathfinder product lines, Pathfinder Tales novels are available as a subscription, ensuring fans receive the newest release automatically in both physical and digital formats.

Web fiction

Every week, Paizo's talented authors present Pathfinder Tales web fiction, short multi-part adventures featuring the exploits of daring denizens of the Pathfinder world. These completely free adventures give a taste of the thrills to come in Pathfinder Tales novels, and often feature some of the very same characters from the same cast of superstar authors and game creators! Just as he launched the novels line, Dave Gross holds the honor of penning the first story to be featured in Pathfinder Tales web fiction, "The Lost Pathfinder", which went live on June 2, 2010.

In October 2010, Pathfinder Tales web fiction short stories were compiled as electronic books and made available on both paizo.com and the Apple iBookstore for a modest price. While still available for free in weekly installments, the compiled stories have continued to be released in batches every three to nine months.

Pathfinder's Journal

Full article: Pathfinder's Journal (series)

In addition to the novels and web fiction, both commissioned exclusively for release under the Pathfinder Tales brand, the serialized Pathfinder's Journal fiction in the pages of Pathfinder Adventure Path have also been brought under the unified umbrella of official Pathfinder fiction. In May 2011, the first three Pathfinder's Journals were compiled and released as ePubs in the same format as the compiled web fiction short stories.[1]

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