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Type Moon
Adjective Lunar
This article covers the astronomical body. For Golarion's moon, see Moon (Golarion).

A moon is an astronomical body that orbits a planet.[1]

Many moons can be seen orbiting Bretheda in this diagram of Golarion's solar system.

In Golarion's solar system


Castrovel has one moon.[2]


Golarion has one grey, crater-scarred moon[3], which the Azlanti called "Somal".[4] Golarion's moon is tidally locked and always shows the same face to its planet, causing much speculation about what is on its dark side.[5] A crescent moon on Golarion is sometimes called a skeleton moon.[6]


Many objects orbit Eox, including:[7]


Liavara has many moons, including the five listed below and many smaller ones, collectively known as the Shepherd Moons:[8][9]


Bretheda gains its title, the Cradle, from its vast number of moons. Many of Bretheda's moons are inert rock, many are tiny and insignificant, but some are remarkable, such as:[10]


In religion

Cultists worship Groetus, portrayed as a moon high above the ceremony.

There are many religious associations with moons, or with Golarion's moon in particular.

Moon subdomain deities

These deities grant powers of the Moon subdomain to their followers:




The following deities hold, or held, the moon as one of their portfolios:

Holy symbols


Other religious references

Other references

  • See Lycanthrope.
  • One of the Shoanti tribes is called Lyrune-Quah (The Moon Clan). See Shoanti.