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Orv monster battle.jpg
Type Aberration
CR 13
Environment temperate marsh

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 136

The huge and ferocious froghemoth is an extremely dangerous marshland predator.[1]



The froghemoth is a very bizarre-looking creature. It vaguely resembles a huge, bipedal frog, with four powerful tentacles where its front legs should be. Its three eyes are set on top of a single stalk, and allow it to see in all directions at once. Its long tongue can “taste” the air much like a snake can. Its mouth is full of sharp teeth. Froghemoths are roughly 22 feet tall, and they weigh 16,000 pounds.[1]

Habitat & Society

Froghemoths are almost invariably encountered singly. It is not known how, or even if, they mate.[citation needed]

They are ambush predators. A froghemoth will conceal its huge bulk by lying submerged in the marsh with only its eye stalk above water. Prey which come within reach will be grabbed by the tongue or one of the tentacles. Froghemoths are able to catch dinosaurs, and even dragons in this fashion.[1]

Froghemoths often seem to kill out of irritation rather than a need for food. The beasts seem to constantly be in a bad mood.


The froghemoth attempts to grab its prey. It will crush the life out of larger victims using its tentacles. Smaller prey will be swallowed whole.[1]

For some unknown reason, froghemoths take no damage from electrical attacks; instead such attacks briefly make them sluggish.[1]

In Golarion

Some sages speculate that the froghemoth is not native to Golarion. A froghemoth can sometimes be found travelling far from the marshland, as if instinct is forcing it on a futile quest to find its true world.[1]

One of the most infamous froghemoths is the (fortunately now deceased) Beast of Bloodcove.[2]

Froghemoths can also be found in Deep Tolguth, in the Darklands realm of Orv.[3]


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