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Lini the druid musters the animals of the forest
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Iconic character Lini

As the cleric serves the peoples and settlements of Golarion, the druid serves the wilderness. Druids seek to maintain the balance between the natural world: the elements, plants, animals, and sentient creatures alike. But like the capricious world they protect and serve, druids vary in nature from avenging anger to gentle guardians.

Druids are rare. The reclusive nature of most groves, along with the demanding and very introspective nature of their lives means very few beings are suited to the faith. Most druids avoid interaction with things outside of nature - politics, economics, and even organized religion are foreign concepts to most.[citation needed]



The druidic faith is very strict and individuals from all races have equal chance to be drawn to its designs. Elves and gnomes, however, being more connected to the natural world, have a greater connection to the roots of the faith.[citation needed]


All places need druids, and most have them. Even the largest of cities have druids that watch over their progress and the lives of their inhabitants, vermin and humanoid alike. Of special note is the Isle of Arenway, where the druids of Golarion meet during the summer solstice to discuss the world and their faith.[1]


An elven druid with her plant companion.

Variant druids

Urban druid

An urban druid is concerned with the health of the natural world found within an urban environment.[2] They are often given other appellations, some of them less than flattering, for instance: citywalker, cobblestone druid,[3] streetcaller, streetseer, and street witch. Urban druids talk of sensing the city almost as a living being, and they hear what they term the citysong, which empowers them and their magic.[4]

Blight druid

Blight druids guard, protect, and sometimes help to heal places where nature has been destroyed or corrupted, either through natural disasters or people's actions. They tend to emulate nature's entropy, seeing its destruction as a much-needed part of the life-cycle. Because of this focus, they tend to be more violent than most of their kind.[5] One of the most well-known blight druids on Golarion is the fiendish treant Carrock who oversees the plants in the corruptive ruins of Storasta in the Worldwound.[6]


Most druids prefer to make their own clothing and tools out of natural materials. They are willing to use metal items where necessary[7], but not metal armour. Some even go so far as to make armour out of alchemically treated leaves.[citation needed]


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