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A pair of Keleshites in Qadira

The Keleshites are a human ethnicity originally from central Casmaron, the continent directly to the east of both Avistan and Garund. Although they can now be found throughout the Inner Sea region, they are still most numerous in Qadira, the westernmost satrapy of the Empire of Kelesh. Keleshites are thought of as a proud, somewhat imperious people, and are known for their quick wit and gregariousness. Many prefer to wear light, loose-fitting clothes more adapted to hotter, drier climes, and decorate themselves with jewelry that denotes their wealth and power. read more

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Did you know?

The Keleshite slayer Zadim wielding twin kukris

    • … that Keleshites who live in the desert often have black or dark blue tattoos under their eyes to ward off the sun's glare?
    • … that some Keleshites claim to have learned the fundementals of civilization millennia ago from the genies?
    • … that most Keleshites belong to one of six cultures originally from different parts of the Empire of Kelesh?
    • … that Keleshites traditionally worship a number of deites, but none are more honored than the goddess Sarenrae?

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