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Home Alinythia, The Midnight Isles, the Abyss
Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio lost dreams, seduction of the pure
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Charm, Evil, Nobility
Subdomains Demon, Leadership, Love, Lust
Favored Weapon Longbow

Shamira, a nascent demon lord, is the most senior and most powerful of the succubi and incubi that inhabit The Midnight Isles, the Abyssal realm of Nocticula.[1]



Shamira's aim and portfolio is to entice souls that are pure to fall to their lustful desires; she is known to frequent the Material Plane in order to fulfil this goal. Sometimes, Shamira impersonates a priestess of a god of the Upper Planes to facilitate the seduction and its corruption of the goodly soul.[1]

Shamira's unholy symbol is an upside-down ankh formed from a naked woman with outstretched arms and burning wings.[1]


Appearing in her demon form of a succubus, Shamira has wings like those of a phoenix and crimson coloured hair.[1]


It is claimed, but sensibly never by Shamira herself, that only Shamira has ever successfully enticed Nocticula. Nevertheless, Nocticula and Shamira are lovers.[1]

More speculation exists around Shamira's parentage, with some believing her to be the daughter of Sarenrae; if this fact were true, it might explain the fascination Shamira seems to have for the Dawnflower and her faith.[1]


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