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The imams of the Windswept Wastes, in Casmaron, keep alive the legend of the ancient hero Namzaruum ("the sword"). The tale dates back to the days of Ninshabur.

It is said that Namzaruum will return one day to lead his descendants to victory against their enemies. The time of his return will be during an era of uncertain prophecy - and the current Age of Lost Omens certainly meets this definition.

Agents of the Empire of Kelesh, the land which rules the wastes, pay close attention to the tribes, in the hope of detecting any signs of the hero's return as soon as possible. If Namzaruun does return, Kelesh intends to assassinate him for the good of the Empire.[1]

The leader of the imams of Namzaruum takes the title of caliph, and lives in a ziggurat temple in the ruined Ninshabur city of Ezida.[2]


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