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One of my longterm goals with this project is to use social networking to grow the wiki. The connection between community building, collaborative editing, and social networking seems intuitive to me, and I know there's a ton of potential there. Below are a few of the initiatives I'd like to explore further, and I wanted to get other editors' feedback and thoughts on them before moving forward, if only because I'd like to gauge which approach those already on the wiki think would be most effective uses of my time and efforts.
  • Re-enable blog functionality
I think Wikia, much as I dislike the company and their policies, was on the right track with their blog extensions. Having the ability to post within the wiki and make feeds of different types of content and then comment on those discussions was really cool. We've still got all those old user-generated blogs and comments sitting in the database, so if we can get those back into use, I think giving folks a platform to talk about whatever is on their minds within the scope of the wiki will entice people to do so, and once they start editing their own blogs, it's only a matter of time before they start editing content articles.
It looks like the MediaWiki extension for this would be My_blog, but I leave it to someone with more technical expertise to explore that end of it. I don't know how much we'd need to adapt our existing blog content to use this extension, as I am guessing Wikia used their own extension.
  • Twitter and Facebook integration
I found several existing extensions we may want to look into to start a larger integration of these social media powerhouses into the project.
  • TwitterFBLike – this would allow people to tweet or like specific articles pertinent to their campaigns, new products, the MMO, the comics, minis, etc.
  • Social_Sidebar – this would let users follow our Twitter feed (@PathfinderWiki) and our Facebook page. It looks like there may be better options than this, as I get a weird feeling about this particular extension, but I do like its function.
  • AddThis *ndash; this extension covers more than just Facebook and Twitter, though it could clutter things more than we've typically done in the past.
  • YaShareForWiki YaShareForWiki – more of the same. It's hard to tell some of these apart in terms of what they do and which would work best for our project.
  • Facebook – this extension would allow people to log in with their Facebook accounts. I don't know if that's necessarily something we want, however.
  • Creatively use existing social media outlets
We already have a Facebook account and a Twitter account. Maybe there are ways to use those better to drive traffic and potential contributors to the wiki. No matter what we do in other areas, this is one I want to do regardless.
Yoda8myhead 01:37, 29 April 2012 (UTC)
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