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The serpent cult of the deceiver Apep is a twin to the cult of the benevolent Wadjet and is part of the ancient cultic system of beliefs that existed in Osirion before they were suppressed by later Keleshite rulers.[1] The sinister, world-circling Apep, known as the Devourer of the Dawn who dwells in the Tenth Region of Night, symbolizes the dangers that lurk beneath the water: whirlpools, crocodiles, and other lethal hazards.[1] He is the boat-crashing rapids, the drowning dark, and the apocalyptic, primordial devourer of the sun, light, and life. It is believed Apep will eventually devour the sun, creating a night that will never end and effectively bringing about the apocalypse. The rod of the river serpent is a magic item carved in the shape of Apep that grants its bearer darkvision and the ability to cast hypnotic shadows, and swallows those it strikes in combat.[2]


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